Thanks You's for the Wolf.

Often when I help a group or organisation they send me a litle gift.
Here are some of the wonderful memento's that I have of my outings.

Here is what they have to say..

IPCC2004 Ipswich City Council Family Fun Day 2004 - This was a repeat performance after the very successful 2003 event. Oh - look at the 2nd photo in the film strip on the left
IPCC2003 Ipswich City Council Family Fun Day 2003 - The very first fun day for the council and it was a honor to be part of such a successful event.
Greenbank Greenbank State School - This was a charity event that I performed at for free.. Being our local school it was definately a worthy cause
RCH125 Royal Childrens Hospital - This was a charity event to celebrate the 125th birthday of the main childrens hospital in Brisbane.
Logan Logan Village/Beaudesert Railway - This was a fun day for a group of Children. The report Joy coined the phrase of "The only wolf with the classic 6-pac abs". Joy have moved up in the world and is now Beaudesert's Mayor. She and the wolf often bump into each other and trade hugs as events..
WorkWond Royal Childrens Hospital (Working Wonders) - Another letter of appreciation for the big wolf's help on the day.
Mardi2003 Mardi Gras 2003 - This was our 'Foreplay' pass. Foreplay are selected groups of performers deemed suitible to help get the crowds going prior to the actual Parade. Our group got a huge response with hugs, waves, and getting the Mexican Waves going.
GoldCoast Gold Coast City Councils Childrens Party - My Very First 'Gig' and it was a wonderful success.

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