Friends of the Wolf

Many thanks to Shaun for being my photographer and Sidekick on many of these events

There are many wonderful people out there who make costumes, and help make the world a happier place. Here are some of them and their links.

Fursuit Org Fursuit.Org - This site is one of the best resources for anyone interested in making a 'furry' costume. The FAQ is filled with the collected knowledge of hundreds of creators.
Herbie Herbie Bearpaws - Whats can I say about Herbie.. Words are hardly enought for this wonderful, brilliant, and warm hearted gentleman. Disney animator, costume creator, producer, and one of my inspirations.. Please look at the animations page and watch 'Daydreamer'. Thats is the essence of Herbie.
BigBadWolf Big Bad Woolf - A fun guy and Not Bad at all. Some very nice creations that he has taken to various conventions
Brokken - A wonderful creator of 'Toony' suits and a really nice guy. Lots of fun information on his pages
RunningWolfPack RunningWolfPack - Ysengrin and Darkfang, formerly of Verdun Manor are some of the premier creators of very realistic werewolf costumes. Please - also look on the web for "Lance Pope" the founder of Verdun. He was such an inspiration to many, and sadly missed by all.
Rowsby Rowsby - No.. not costume maker, but if you want a CGI character then this is the fellow to talk to. His creations have been used in films and advertrs. His credits are impressive. Do see his Quenton the Werewolf...

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