The Head


I decided to leave the head until last as I wanted it to look proportional to the rest of the body.
For cooling I have a small 5v fan mounted beneath one ear and a small 25mm Sq. fan in the muzzle as well which blows on my face. These fans are very low power and run from 4AA batteries for about 8 hours
As an added detail for his eyes I have mounted 2 sub-minature green LED's behind his eyes to give him pupils
These are hooked up to a 555 timer circuit so it looks like he blinks.
Basic Form.
I started with a long strip of aluminum that I formed over my head and then extended it the length of the muzzle.
After this I then cut strips of plastic to build up a helmet.
The muzzle was a solid block of foam then I first styles and then hollowed out.
Here you can see the lower jaw with its metal support. This works very well as the metal is extremely light and I did not have to worry about the foam density to support things.
Jaw Open.
Sorry - not the best shot but important as I have now attached the fake teeth and tongue. These were brought from a taxidermy supplier and really enhances the realism.
Mirror Shots
Hmm.. How do I look.
Mirror Shots
Definitely need the fur..!!!!!
Using my trusty method of calico pattering - I cut the upper and lower face sections, and the forehead section. There is a fur-break just between the eyes. - but it is normally invisible.
This was then glued onto the foam directly, and with a lot of careful trimming matched it to the jaw line so that the teeth were naturally visible. I did not want this fellow to have a permanent snarl like the Verdun Manor costume.
The head and ears were added next (sorry no piccies).
The nose is a piece of closed cell foam that I'd carved and pained black with acrylic paint. To add a little realism I used a soldering iron and burned thought the nose pad into the nasal cavity - so I can snort through the nose by blowing.
The eyes are sections of plastic cut from Coke bottles and work well.
Side View
I have since added a large flap of fur both under the neck and around the back to secure onto the body.
This attachment used Velcro.
Here is a close up of the teeth and tongue
Ears (Updates).
I got too many people asking if I was a bear so I remade the ears to look more Wolfish
Ears. Side View
Ears. Back View - Before Airbrushing